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why languages and communication?

Let's face it: you’re probably looking for an academic discipline where you don’t have that much math. Well, then you have come to the right place! You only have three hours of mathematics here! That’s only logical, because our field of study focuses on languages.

improve your languages

Even if you aren’t the best at foreign languages, which was the case for most of us, you will still learn how to do better. For French, English and German you learn how to improve your grammar and pronunciation. That was very hard for us, but at the end of the year it got a lot easier and our marks also got better.

talk about your own interests

Sometimes teachers choose your subject but 3TC is a place where all your thoughts can run free. You can also talk about your own interests or whatever you like! It’s super cool because you can tell all about your favourite movies, books, songs or games. You're completely free. That’s what makes it so fun, you can do anything you want! 

study strategies

Are you tired of always failing class because you don’t know how to study? Well, we've got a solution for you! Mister De Landtsheer teaches you tips and tricks to take better notes in class, how to learn vocabulary and how to remember more.

Some of us didn’t know how to study for tests, but now we can!

pimp your presentation skills

Are you afraid of speaking in public? Or do you want to learn how to talk to a crowd? Then this is the right field of study for you as you will need to present a lot. Yeah, a lot.


However, don't worry when you're always stressing out during presentations! We also had this problem, but the language teachers train you step by step how to become the best presenter and how not to be nervous the next time. You will notice every time you do another presentation you get better. We also get a lot of time in school to work on our presentations.


We have all gained so much confidence and feel much better in front of the class. So, thank you, teachers!

what about writing?

The language teachers not only help you to talk in front of a big group but they also help you to write better texts. And not just grammatically but beautiful and creative texts: from Netflix movie summaries to reviews and short stories. Perhaps you will find it annoying, but we're sure you’ll like it when you know how to do it!

digital skills

Do you like to use your phone or computer? Then Languages and Communication is the field of study for you. You will use multimedia very frequently for all kinds of assignments. Do not be scared if you are not good at this, because your language teachers Mr Ringoot and Mr De Landtsheer will always help you, with great pleasure.

teacher confesses

Geert Ringoot

This was quite the adventure! My first year of teaching in the third year, and I had the good fortune to teach 3TC. This wonderful class, which started out with 5 pupils but ended with 4, consisted of wonderful people with a huge love for languages and a great perspective on life.


When teaching English in Languages and Communication, you see your pupils more than you see the other classes. You get to know your pupils better and get a good view on their possibilities. Another cool thing is the fact that, with four hours of English a week, you have the time to do some wacky projects.


Pupils in 3TC shouldn’t be afraid to speak in front of an audience. They will have to present a lot. Don’t let that scare you. We will help you develop your skills gradually, and by the end of the third year you will be ready to explain your ideas clearly in front of an audience of unknown adults. You don’t believe me? Just ask the pupils of 3TC.

3TC also is the class that gave me the idea to do the ‘passions’ project. In this project, pupils can talk, write and read about the things they love the most. Most of the time, the result is a presentation or text that always teaches me something new about life.


This year, I learned about Se7en, Rickrolls, rap music, Titanic and a whole lot more. It’s the perfect way for a teacher to keep close tabs on what is hot for pupils at the moment, and it is always great to learn something new from your pupils as well. 


We, students of 3TC, think Languages and Communication is a great field of study if you want to do something with languages and presenting, but you can also go different ways in your career. You can become almost everything if you do Languages and Communication, like interpreter, teacher, and so much more. You do not even have to have a job that has something to do with languages, because you also learn real life skills here.

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